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The wood panels used for installing wood ceilings to be used as acoustic conditioning in a room can be very different, taking into account both the acoustic needs and the aesthetic preferences defined in the project design.

From the aesthetic point of view, wood ceilings and the wood panels used in acoustic ceilings, such as when installing a false ceiling, or the placement of wood panelling, can offer finishes that range from natural wood (maple, beech, oak, cherry and wenge) and melamine (maple, beech, oak, pear, cherry, wenge, white and stainless steel), to lacquered finishes (RAL, NCS, etc.) and high-density plates.

With regard to acoustic conditioning, the wood panels used can be smooth or have perforation slotted, circular or square, and they are often identified according to the percentage of perforation with respect to the total surface of the panel.

Following are 34 models of wood ceilings grouped into 14 families according to the type of perforation:


1. Wood ceilings Aries model (16, 25, 25 Cruz or 32)

2. Wood ceilings model Astro

3. Wood ceilings model Capricornio

4. Wood ceilings model Espacio

5. Wood ceilingsmodel Estrella (1, 2 or 3)

6. Wood ceilings model Géminis

7. Wood ceilings model Leo (16, 32, 64, Banda, Banda 16, Par or Salt)

8. Wood ceilings model Libra (25 Cruz, 43 o Par)

9. Wood ceilings model Liso

10. Wood ceilings model Piscis (25, 32, 64 Cruz, 16, or Par)

11. Wood ceilings model Sagitario

12. Wood ceilings model Sideral

13. Wood ceilings model Tauro (50, 50 Par, Banda or Banda 117)

14. Wood ceilings model Virgo 74


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