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The decorating trends for 2022 accommodate our post pandemic situation, in which we continue discovering domestic spaces and the value of interiors as a source of well-being, in the absence of external stimuli. These are the four general trends that experts believe will mark the main lines in decorating and interior design projects in the coming months.


  • Warm, serene minimalism: the search for relaxed, welcoming yet simple atmospheres, which convey the sensation of order and certainty that we do not find when watching the news. Wood, as a warm, noble and sincere material, perfect for a friendly, functional minimalism. Wood interior cladding for walls and ceilings and wood decorative panels for furniture and other items are featured.


Tendencias en decoración para el año 2022 01



  • Acoustic comfort: we have discovered the value of the interiors of our homes and workplaces, and we seek to maximise the well-being they produce. In this respect, acoustics and the need to have spaces of acoustic comfort, without echoes, that allow the maximum enjoyment of music and conversations, become important.







  • Inspiration in nature: the use of natural materials is revalued. Raw materials such as wood, ceramics and glass dominate the interior design projects and propositions.






  • Sustainable decoration: we can no longer avoid the ecological importance of the materials we use. For example, it is better to use PEFC or FSC certified wood, which guarantees that it comes from sustainably managed forests.





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