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When decorating a room one tries to combine aesthetics with the versatility in furniture in order to make the best use of space and create different environments to suit different needs. And of all made-to-measure furniture , the most commonly-used in achieving these goals are fitted wardrobes and dressers.

As a technical carpentry firm specialising in the design and manufacture of fitted wardrobes and made-to-measure furniture, we know that fitted wardrobes are key elements in any interior design and decorating project because:


1. They allow for a la carte interiors, with drawers, shelves, wood panels, clothes racks or other typical elements found in fitted wardrobes, located where the user needs them most.

2. Fitted wardrobes are made-to-measure furniture adapting to the shape and dimensions of the wall (or walls) and ceilings, to allow maximum use of available space.

3. The range of manufacturing finishes available for fitted wardrobes includes an almost infinite number of colours, materials, textures and designs, turning them into first class aesthetic elements in the decoration of a room

4. Fitted wardrobes are more hygienic because they have no dead zones to accumulate dirt at the back or at the top.

5. They help keep the house tidy, or at least convey that feeling by allowing one to hide many objects just by closing the doors or the wood panels used to close them.


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