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002 colocar falso techo de madera - install a wood false ceiling - poser un faux plafond boisIf you are thinking of installing a wood false ceiling in any room, there is no doubt that a wood false ceiling offers many advantages. Here we give you 6 good reasons why you should install a wood false ceiling in a room:


  • Sound absorption: installing a wood false ceiling offers great acoustic advantages because it gives us the opportunity to use sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels. These wood panels are ideal for controlling reverberation in room effectively and discreetly.
  • Hiding wires: one of the main reasons why one uses a false ceiling is that it allows you to hide cables and pipes for different types of installations (electrical, fibre, thermal conditioning, etc.).
  • Removability: another great advantage of installing a wood false ceiling is that it is easily removed or disassembled for ready access to any cable or device located inside and needing to repairs. It also makes it possible to quickly replace damaged panels.
  • Wide variety of finishes: the wood false ceiling manufactured by Spigotec, the division of Spigogroup which manufactures its false wood ceiling line, has a vast catalogue with numerous options and combinations of finishes in melamine, natural varnished wood, lacquers, laminates CPL, HPL, etc.
  • Impact resistance and fire and humidity reaction: the Spigotec wood false ceiling is designed for maximum wear resistance and also, depending on the needs of each project, it can also be made with materials having specific fire and humidity reaction characteristics.
  • Energy savings: by lowering the ceiling of a room, one reduces the amount of cubic meters of air requiring conditioning, while the air space between the wood false ceiling and original ceiling provides heat and sound insulation.



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