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Most sports centres have facilities equipped with phenolic booths and phenolic lockers. What do you know about them?

In Spigogroup we have been manufacturing phenolic booths, phenolic lockers, phenolic partitions and countertops, phenolic banks and other pieces of furniture typically used in toilets and changing rooms in sports facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, spas and resorts, courts and pavilions, and also in schools and other public and service buildings. For this reason, in this year 2014 which is soon to say goodbye, we decided to offer all our experience and extensive catalogue under a brand especially designed for that purpose. Thus was born Spigocompac. A member of the family of specialized divisions of Spigogroup, it is fully dedicated to the manufacture and installation of phenolic booths, phenolic lockers and furniture made with phenolic panel.

The phenolic booths and phenolic lockers are often-used products that have very special characteristics, sometimes less known, and that is why, in recent months, phenolic booths and phenolic lockers have also been in some of our most extensively read posts:


1. What are phenolic booths? And phenolic lockers?

2. 10 advantages of phenolic booths and phenolic lockers

3.- The use of phenolic panel, and phenolic boards in educational facilities

4. Equipment for sports buildings made with phenolic panel

5. From wood ceilings to toilets made with phenolic panel, from wood doors to fitted wardrobes andmade-to-measure furniture: to speak of Spigogroup is to speak of wood projects

6. Made-to-measure furniture made with phenolic panels or phenolic boards

7. What is the phenolic panel? What are phenolic boards used fort?


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