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At at one time we wrote and now we collate our best 7 posts on acoustic doors or soundproof doors, FR doors or fire doors, and other technical doors.

We are a technical carpentry specialising in the manufacture and supply of wood panels and acoustic panelsof the highest quality. Our brands Spigotec (wood panelling and wood ceilings) and Spigoacustic (acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood) are well-known, recognised and recommended daily by architects, builders and project managers. Spigoline (wood panelling made with wood slats) and Spigolo(wood shelving) have also become choice brands for interior designers and decorators.

However, an increasing awareness of the need to take acoustics into account when determining the spaces in a project coupled with the need to meet fire safety requirements have led to the development, manufacture and supply of a complete line of wood technical doors (acoustic doors or soundproof doors, FR doors or fire doors, etc.), which are now marketed under the brand name Spigodoor.

As you know, in our blog we talk about our activities in the building world and on 7 occasions we have talked about why wood technical doors should be chosen and how they should be used in projects:


1. 5 Criteria for choosing technical wood doors in a building

2. Isophonic technical doors and fire-resistant technical doors. What are they? What are they for?

3. Wood doors: 3 good reasons to choose wood doors when decorating your home or office

4. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors for schools, hospitals, universities, public buildings, etc...

5. Fire doors and FR doors, what are these technical doors for?

6. Fire doors and FR doors, safety and models to choose from

7. Acoustic doors or soundproof doors, what are they? What are these technical doors for?


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