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modelos de paneles de madera decorativos 01Opting for decorative wood panel models to finish off a new project is a safe bet. Wood, in itself, is a fashionable material, which is very popular and goes well with any other material. In addition to the warmth and elegance it brings to any project, it also offers the added value of being an eco-friendly material.

At Spigogroup, we have a wide range of perforated wood acoustic cladding and wood acoustic panels with sound-absorbent features that help control reverberation. You only have to visit the Spigotec and Spigoacustic catalogues to see for yourself. In addition, you can review the options offered by the Acoustic System of the Spigoline solid wood slat cladding range.

However, you can also opt for decorative wood panels that are not designed for acoustic absorption but for providing the aesthetic appeal of wood on the surface of walls, ceilings and even furniture. We are talking about the Spigoplank brand of decorative wood panels.

Its catalogue has nine models, manufactured in solid obeche wood or samba wood, to which varnish and fireproofing treatments can be applied, and even stained in other wood colours or RAL uni-colour references. These panels feature volumetric shapes and three-dimensional surfaces capable of creating unique solutions with reflective and diffusing effects that complement the overall acoustic conditioning that can be obtained with Spigotec, Spigoacustic or Spigoline brand products.


01 Plank Model



02 Plank Model



03 Plank Model



04 Plank Model



05 Plank Model



06 Plank Model



07 Plank Model



08 Plank Model



Smooth Plank Model


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