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The summer progresses and hotels slowly approach the end of the tourist season. During the holidays, personnel is at its busiest and there is 100% occupancy. That is when hotel managers note down the renovations which are required from October onwards to get ready for the following year’s offer.

Accessible ceilings for hotels - Ibiza Gran Hotel 02 - Accessible ceilings for hotelsThese are the times when you discover that the ceilings in halls, lounges and rooms need to be renovated and a touch of wood provides that added elegance. Or the hotel dining room, coffee shop or reception may have excessive reverberation, making it difficult to understand people talking. This is the time to install accessible ceilings for hotels consisting of sound-absorbent acoustic panels.

Yes, these are the two main reasons why, at the end of the summer, we start to receive telephone calls from hotels: because they need acoustic conditioning in a room or because they wish to improve the look of the inner linings in the hotel.

So, after talking in a previous post about wood slats in the Cup Negret hotel, today we want to show you a new Spigogroup job in another hotel. It is the Ibiza Gran Hotel, a good example of accessible ceilings for hotels. In this case used acoustic panels model Libra 43 finished in beech melamine in 600x600, 12 mm thick plates with a hidden T-24 profile. This is the final result in the reception and coffee shop.


Accessible ceilings for hotels - Ibiza Gran Hotel 03


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