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You may not realise it on many occasions, but most of the time when you visit company offices, what you have above your head is an accessible ceiling. Why are there accessible ceilings in companies?

One of the main reasons is financial savings. Accessible ceilings in companies help to reduce the height of a room which reduces the volume of air you need to air-condition, thereby reducing the energy costs of the company. They also facilitate maintenance, both of the ceiling and of the installations under it (electrical infrastructure, sound, fibre optics, ducts and air systems, etc.) by offering maximum and precise accessibility for the repair and proper maintenance of installations. Allowing for easy replacement of damaged or deteriorated devices, panels and sensors is economically beneficial for companies, as it avoids costly replacements of the entire ceiling and therefore reduces the expenditure of time and money.

Another, increasingly important reason is acoustics. In companies where acoustic conditioning in work spaces is valued, accessible ceilings are ideal for the installation of acoustic ceilings with sound-absorbent wood panels, improving the comfort and productivity of employees.

One should also not forget aesthetics. Opting for accessible wood ceilings means bringing a little piece of nature into our workplace, providing warmth and a touch of distinction and elegance. In addition, they can be customised according to the specific design and functionality requirements of each company, contributing to a unique aesthetic appeal and ambience.


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