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Although there are some wood projects in houses, the truth is that the use of accessible ceilings made of wood are to be found mostly in wood projects in non-residential buildings: public buildings, schools, culture centres, auditoriums, conference centres, hospitals, sports centres, community services facilities and special buildings.

Accessible ceilings offer a number of advantages which are quite obvious from a technical point of view. These are the top six reasons why a decision is made to install accessible ceilings in a building:


1. Accessible ceilings offer maximum accessibility for the repair and maintenance of facilities. That is why a false ceiling or accessible ceilings are used provided the space between the main ceiling and these is to be used for electrical wiring, sound, fibre optics, etc., or piping and ducts for air, gas, or fire-fighting systems

2. Ease of replacement and substitution of wood panels in case of breakage or deterioration. This is one of the most notable features of accessible ceilings, because you only need to change the damaged wood panels and not the complete wood ceilings.

3. Accessible ceilings offer a wide range of complementary wood panels that are available, such as those used to install downlights, speakers, ventilation grilles and other systems. One can also order complementary wood panels made to measure.

4. Accessible ceilings are the ideal support for the mounting of acoustic ceilings with sound-absorbent wood panels, essential for fitting a room with acoustic conditioning.

5. The quantity and variety of wood panels and acoustic panels which can be used for the installation of accessible ceilings made of wood is huge, and it is almost impossible not to find measures, materials or finishes that fit our needs.

6. Accessible ceilings, just like wood panels and FR doors, can offer fire-retardant properties to conform to the safety requirements of any project.


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