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We have all experienced it: you go to a new restaurant in town with friends hoping to share a pleasant dinner with enjoyable conversation, jokes and anecdotes and instead you find yourself in a noisy environment with deficient acoustic conditioning struggling to understand what the person sitting across the table is saying.

The use of some type of wood panelling and wood ceilings, in the decoration of bars, restaurants and other establishments is not only an answer to an aesthetic need. These places are flooded with a wide range of simultaneous noises and sounds: conversations of patrons and employees, the buzzing sound of refrigerators, ambient music, televisions, phones, slot machines, and many more. That is why it is so important to use wood panels and wood ceilings made with sound-absorbent wood In addition, as specialists in the acoustic conditioning of premises, Spigogroup has developed a very useful new product for quick, easy acoustic conditioning of bars and restaurants that are already in operation. It is the new hanging print acoustic panels, which we already mentioned in our last post on acoustic conditioning with sound-absorbent wood panels that hang like paintings. It is a simple, flexible, effective solution to the need of premises with acoustic conditioning while concealing or integrating (as the case may be) the new wood panelling as part of the décor to be finished with a photograph, an illustration or a painting.


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