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Acoustic conditioning during building or renovation is implemented by installing acoustic ceilings and adding acoustic panels to the building's inner linings.

Although some systems employing acoustic ceilings and acoustic panels can be quickly and easily installed, sometimes it is necessary to minimise the nuisance of acoustic conditioning work while the room is in use. In such circumstances, the most recommended option is the implementation of a truly innovative solution: strategically placing acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood on the walls by hanging them as if they were pictures. These wood panels can come lacquered in different colours or printed with paintings or photographs, so that they are completely disguised and integrated in the decoration of the room.

These are 5 situations in which the use of acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood hung like paintings is recommended:


- For the acoustic conditioning of meeting rooms where it is necessary to control reverberation to improve the intelligibility of messages.

- For the acoustic conditioning of bars and restaurants where the sounds produced by patrons mix with those of machines, televisions and music sources.

- For the acoustic conditioning of offices and professional practices where optimal sound quality is required in order to ensure better hearing for clients and/or patients during important conversations and when conveying messages.

- For the acoustic conditioning of waiting rooms where several simultaneous conversations may be taking place, with the acoustic nuisance that this may produce.

- For the acoustic conditioning of small auditoriums or rooms used for lectures and conferences where reverberation disturbances could hamper the proper hearing of speeches and presentations.


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