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Renovations are often an opportunity to implement acoustic conditioning by installing sound-absorbent wood panels.

This was the case of the Logroño Municipal Auditorium in La Rioja.

Logroño City Council decided to renovate its main auditorium, located in the City Hall basement and the work included upgrading of the inner linings. They wanted to go for a more appealing look and chose wood interiors opting for wood panelling, which contributes elegance and warmth to the entire project. In addition, working with a specialist technical carpentry like Spigogroup to carry out the acoustic conditioning of the premises was an opportunity to choose wood panelling consisting of acoustic panels, sound-absorbent wood panels that improve the acoustics of the auditorium.

And so it was. Approximately 200 m² of Virgo 74 acoustic panels with a beech wood finish were supplied and installed, thereby providing the necessary acoustic absorption to ensure the acoustic conditioning of the Logroño Municipal Auditorium. The acoustic panels were installed in approximately 15 days on the room's wood walls and in entrances and exits, with special work in the stage and stairs areas.

Here you can see photos of the elegant result of the acoustic conditioning of the Logroño Municipal Auditorium with acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood.


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