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acondicionamiento acústico de edificios acoustic conditioning of buildings conditionnement acoustique de bâtimentsOne of the main objectives to be achieved when calculating the acoustic conditioning of buildings and premises is the control of reverberation.

Reverberation is the permanence of sound beyond the time required to properly hear and understand a message. Explained in a more technical manner, “reverberation time” is the time it takes for the sound to decay by 60 dB as received stood the sound emission source stops.

When undertaking the acoustic conditioning of buildings and premises you must first know two details: the room’s reverberation prior to carrying out any work and the reverberation time it should have depending on its characteristics and the use that will be made of the space. The difference will be the degree of acoustic reverberation that must be corrected by including acoustic absorbent materials such as the Spigoacoustic or Spigotec wood acoustic panels manufactured by Spigogroup.

To perform all these calculations Spigogroup has developed an Online Calculator, the Optimum Reverberation Time (ORT) Simulator, which you can use t any time

With this useful tool you only have to enter the dimensions of the room, the type of material used in the walls, ceiling and floor and the furniture present in the room, and the simulator gives you all the necessary data you need to determine its reverberation and what the optimal reverberation should be. Once you have entered the actual data of the room, the calculator allows you to go and see how the reverberation of the room would be improved if you include different types of acoustic sound-absorbent panels in different zones helping you to find the ideal product to obtain the optimum degree of reverberation.


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