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Acondicionamiento acústico de aulas 02The acoustic conditioning of classrooms is key to correcting reverberation and achieving good acoustics that ensure the intelligibility of the speaker's words and, therefore, that the message being delivered is properly understood.

When undertaking the acoustic conditioning of a classroom, we have to follow the indications given by the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE), the regulatory framework that sets the basic quality requirements that buildings must meet.

The Code’s Basic Document for Noise Protection (DB HR), determines that reverberation time T (s) is calculated using the formula:


T= 0,16 V / A

V = volume of the enclosure (m³)
A = total sound absorption of the enclosure (m²)


The way to correct reverberation time is to adjust the total sound absorption of the room by using sound-absorbent acoustic panels, such as those manufactured by Spigogroup.

In the design of classrooms up to 350 m³, DB HR makes the following recommendations:


  • Cubic enclosures or enclosures with side-to-side ratios that are whole numbers should be avoided.
  • Distribution of absorbent materials. Options:

1.- Sound-absorbent material throughout the entire ceiling surface, reflective front wall and sound-absorbent rear wall.

2.- Sound-absorbent material at the back ceiling only, leaving a 3 m wide band of reflective material at the front. The front wall should be reflective and the rear wall should have sound-absorbent material with a sound absorption coefficient similar to that of the ceiling.

  • For equal values of total sound absorption of the elements that make up the enclosure, it is more advisable to have one central aisle instead of two side aisles for pupil access.


Acondicionamiento acústico de aulas post

Source: The Code’s Basic Document for Noise Protection (DB HR) - The Code’s Basic Document for Noise Protection (DB HR)



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