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The acoustic conditioning of the various rooms in headquarters has become another phase of any construction project.

Spigogroup is a technical carpentry specialising in the manufacture of wood panels for decoration and acoustic conditioning projects across the world. For many years now, we have been serving orders from different Asian and Middle Eastern markets for projects that require a supplier of acoustic panels which, like Spigogroup, is also a manufacturer capable of serving quality materials and reliably and on time.

Thus, in 2013, the Qatar Development Bank - QDB, one of the leading financial institutions, which led the financial growth and development of the State of Qatar, did us the honour of appointing us through our distributor in the area, as suppliers of wood panels for the acoustic conditioning if its headquarters in the capital of Qatar, Doha.

At our operating centre in Spain, we produced the necessary material for the acoustic conditioning of the big department halls, auditorium, prayer rooms and common rooms at QDB headquarters. In total, we installed close to 1,000 sq.m. of model LEO 16 acoustic wood panels made of cherry melamine and fireproof MDF (B-s2, d0), installed by a local company specialising in assembling these types of inner linings.

The project photos show the aesthetic result of the wood panels used to carry out the acoustic conditioning of the different rooms. The finish on the wood panelling of the columns in the various rooms is worth taking a close look.


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