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01 252 difusores acusticosAcoustic diffusers are employed in acoustic conditioning to distribute sound energy throughout a room in terms of particular requirements. In most cases, the use of diffusers panels is carried out in combination with acoustic panels to absorb sound and avoid reverberation. So, diffuser panels and acoustic panels work together absorbing (panels) and distributing (diffusers) sound and contributing to achieve the sound uniformity that is sought when undertaking the acoustic conditioning of a room.

There are many types of acoustic diffusers but, without a doubt, the most popular are the acoustic diffuser that, in addition to fulfilling their acoustic function also help improve the aesthetics of a space. The clearest example are the acoustic diffusers with wood slats which allow for a discreet, warm, elegant design with wood ceilings and walls.

In the case of acoustic diffusers with wood slats, such as those in the Spigoline Acoustic System, their design and ability to spread sound waves is set by the width and height of the wood slats and the separation between them. This Spigoline Acoustic System can also be used over a perforated panel bottom that performs, in this case, as a sound-absorbent acoustic panel.



.03 Difusores acústicos acoustic diffusers diffuseurs acoustiques


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