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When you tackle soundproofing work you have to face the problem of sound transmission between adjoining rooms, and this is when when the need arises to install acoustic doors in order to prepare the room acoustically. Because, What is the purpose of equipping a room with acoustic ceilings, and using acoustic panels and sound-absorbent wood panelling on walls to soundproofing a room if the sound ends up sneaking from one enclosure to the next?

5 questions you should ask yourself before choosing acoustic doors 2But before you choose your acoustic doors you should ask yourself some questions:

1.- What are the room’s soundproofing needs? This information is essential in deciding on the level of soundproofing you want in the acoustic doors. Spigodoor, the Spigogroup division which manufactures technical doors, offers acoustic doors with 32 dB , 34 dB, 38 dB y 42 dB soundproofing.

2.- Left-hand or right-hand acoustic doors? In view of the layout of spaces in both rooms, you need to decide whether the acoustic doors should open to the left or to the right.

3.- How wide do you want your acoustic doors? The Spigodoor acoustic doors catalogue offers (standard) doors which are 2.030 mm high, with widths starting at 425 mm, 525 mm, 625 mm, 725 mm, 825 mm o 925 mm per leaf. You can also have custom sizes for your particular project.

4.- Do you need windows on the acoustic doors? Acoustic doors are often used in schools, hospitals, universities, public buildings, etc. and sometimes require glass windows allowing you to inspect what is happening inside a room without opening the door. Is this your case? In this sense, Spigodoor offers the market a solution certified for 32 dB soundproofing encompassing both door and window. This does away with the need to have to separate certifications

5.- Which finish do you like most? At Spigodoor you can choose various finishes: MDB for painting, laminated HPL and natural varnished or lacquered plywood.



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