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Acoustic islands are formations of acoustic panels mounted on suspension systems and usually located on room ceilings.

Acoustic islands are basically acoustic panels used for acoustic conditioning in rooms. The difference lies in that, rather than being installed as a false ceiling or ceiling cladding, they are installed as an addition to an already existing ceiling. Thus, acoustic islands hang from the original ceiling either with cables or with fixed structures, thereby maintaining the original ceiling and providing flexible, quick, and easy acoustic performance.

View of Acoustic islandsAcoustic islands made of sound-absorbing wood are used in acoustic conditioning jobs because they provide great acoustic control through sound absorption and sound reflection for optimal acoustic conditioning —something which is highly necessary in certain rooms. Reverberation is the permanence of sound beyond the time required to properly hear and understand a message. Explained in a more technical fashion, "reverberation time " is the time it takes for the sound to decay by 60 dB as received stood the sound emission source stops. By installing acoustic islands, you can control reverberation and ensure correct sound in places such as concert halls, meeting rooms and offices where the hearing speech and sound particularly important.

One of the strong points of acoustic islands is the ability to function as a decorative element. In Spigoart, the Spigogroup division specialising in the manufacture and installation of acoustic pictures and acoustic islands, we can produce, on demand, acoustic islands of any shape and size required by an acoustic project and, in addition, we offer dozens of finishes as well as customization if required, as panels can be silk-screened with the decorator’s choice of images.




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