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Acoustic panels and acoustic ceilings manufactured with sound-absorbent wood are increasingly present in schools, universities and other educational buildings, where it is essential to have optimum acoustic conditioning.

As with concert halls and convention centres, schools have rooms intended to be used by people who come to hear what someone has to say: mainly students who want to hear what a teacher or professor has to teach them.

In the communicative process it is essential to get the message released by the emitter to reach the receiver with the highest possible sound quality. To achieve this soundproofing the room will avoid interference from external noises and sounds. The use of acoustic conditioning helps control the reverberation which may occur inside room that could hinder the clarity of the message.

It is in this last action, the acoustic conditioning of classrooms, where acoustic material such as acoustic panels and the acoustic ceilings made of sound-absorbent wood come into play. The inclusion of these materials by professionals, and the relevant acoustic study, make it possible to control reverberation. We must bear in mind that classrooms are places that are already complicated from an acoustic point of view. The ideal would be to have a single speaker, but often there are several people talking at the same time while the audience may be murmuring and making comments as well or there may be the noise from video clips and presentations which make it more difficult to communicate.

For this reason acoustic panels and acoustic ceilings are increasingly common in school classrooms, universities and other educational institutions, although many times we don't realise this and just appreciate the beauty and warmth of the wood in the ceilings and walls that surround us.


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