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Paneles acústicos para salas de exposiciones, museos y galerías 02Is the use of acoustic panels for exhibition halls, museums and galleries of any use? The answer is ‘yes’, and we explain why below

Exhibition halls are, together with temples, the places where you can usually enjoy the most silence and tranquillity. It might seem that it is not necessary to undertake their acoustic conditioning but, in reality, it is, and this is partly due to the new uses we are now making of these places.

Perhaps out of concentration, perhaps out of respect, but in museums art is enjoyed in silence. However, when the art on display has a certain fame, we find groups of visitors led by guides who, often at the same time and in the same place, struggle to get their explanation across to their audience, even with the help of small loudspeakers or translators. This situation, worsened by the sound reflection of walls, doors, display cabinets or protective glass or acrylic sheet panels, makes it necessary to use acoustic panels to correct the imbalances produced by reverberation that prevent us from enjoying the acoustic comfort that we would like.

On the other hand, art galleries, museums and exhibition halls have long been used for social events that bring together many people in the same room. The sound environment of cross-talk, together with the noise from the catering service and even ambient music from loudspeakers, creates a sound setting that requires the control provided by the use of sound-absorbent wood panels.

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Paneles acústicos para salas de exposiciones, museos y galerías 03


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