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We manufacture acoustic panels for press rooms, classrooms and any type of room where excellent acoustics are required. These acoustic panels allow the acoustic conditioning of this type of rooms, correcting potential reverberation issues.

Reverberation is a mismatch in the time that a sound remains in the environment compared to ideal for correctly hearing and understanding a message. Technically, reverberation time is defined as the time it takes for a sound to fall by 60 dB after the source of the sound emission stops.

The mismatch between the time when the sound should dissipate and when it actually does may worsen hearing due to echoes and sound trails that hinder the intelligibility of lectures, speeches and conversations. This is unacceptable in places specifically designed for corporate communication, such as a press rooms.

That is why we were asked to manufacture wood acoustic panels for the press room of the Ministry of Justice in Madrid in 2022. 150 m² of Spigoacustic 42-32-32 16 mm, 2400 x 300 cm panels were used. They were finished in stainless steel and oak melamine with Bs1-d0 fire retardant MDF cores, MH machined on all four sides. We also supplied 2440 x 600 cm smooth boards with the same stainless steel and oak finishes and fire retardant MDF core.

For the ceilings, we produced 90 m² of interior cladding using Spigoline Grid 5-15-70-55 wood slats, finished in obeche wood and tinted with fire retardant varnish, using black rods.


Paneles acústicos para salas de prensa


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