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Spigogroup extends its acoustic panels outlet with new Spigoacustic y Spigotec brand models. The latest Spigogroup outlet stock is a great opportunity for both professionals and individuals looking for acoustic panels with up to 70% discounts on standard rates, whilst maintaining the highest quality and the best service.

Spigogroup is a leading manufacturer and marketer of wood cladding and acoustic panels through its Spigotec and Spigoacustic brands. Sometimes there is leftover stock from large orders in its warehouses that may be of interest to those who need smaller quantities for smaller jobs, or smaller surface details for larger projects.

More specifically, the outlet has 21 models of Spigotec wood panels, in cherry, oak, white, maple, beech and aluminium finishes, with different assembly systems, types of perforation and levels of sound absorption. The offering of Spigoacustic brand acoustic panels includes 9 models finished in oak, cherry, or plain red or white melamine. In addition, it includes two models with plain MDF finishes that can subsequently be customised to the buyer's wishes.

The models offered are available while stocks last and, of those models with few units in stock, the complete batch needs to be purchased. Quantities will be confirmed at the time of ordering. Replenishment of a model is not guaranteed, unless the warehouse is in stock. Orders leave the factory within 24 hours and freight is free (only for the Iberian Peninsula) for orders over €1,500.












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