Acoustic pictures are acoustic panels of made of sound-absorbent wood which are silk-screened with pictures, so they can be used to decorate walls.

The great advantage of acoustic pictures is that one can quickly and easily carry out the acoustic conditioning of a space without requiring any special works. In addition, they are as easy to install as a shelf on a wall end customers can conveniently carry out the installation themselves.

Acoustic pictures can be used in any room where there is reverberation affecting the acoustics. Offices, bars and restaurants, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, and all those rooms where reverberation produces discomfort when one attempts to hear and understand sounds, is a potential location for acoustic pictures.

Acoustic pictures in a office
Acoustic pictures in a office

It is very likely that, if you do not know tat there are acoustic pictures in a room, you may not even realise they are there, since one of their strengths is their ability to pass unnoticed, disguised as normal pictures. The possibility of silk-screening acoustic pictures with photographs of paintings, landscapes, illustrations or any other visual resource that you would like to make the acoustic pictures undetectable.

Spigoart, a division of Spigogroup devoted to manufacturing acoustic pictures, offers 3 standard sizes (600 x 600 mm, 1,200 x 600 mm and 1,200 x 1,200 mm.), but if a project requires special dimensions, custom-sized acoustic pictures can be made on request.

In addition, for projects not requiring silk-screened acoustic pictures, Spigoart offers simpler solutions in melamine, natural wood and lacquer finishes.


  • Felix D. Abbey

    Interesting; but what happens when the audience or occupants of the functional space with this material get tired of seeing the same pictures over and over again? Besides are you aware of entire walls being used as a monitor or transmission screen as in Tvs? This is possible now in view of the reduction in thickness of screens and even more so with the curved screens in vogue. That is revolutionary and might be almost a disruptive technology. Its acoustic properties, however need be established. The question of the subjective feeling after a time still stands. Any help out there?

  • Lucio Machado

    Please send me more technical informations

    • spigo

      Hi Mr. Lucio Manchado,
      I really appreciate your comment in our post.
      Please, if you want catalogues or commercial information, email to our Export Manager (

      Thanks and regards!

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