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Spigogroup has a wide range of acoustic solutions for hospitals and health centres.

Hospitals, clinics and health centres are buildings that have very large spaces with large windows, glass separations and other elements that make sound waves bounce around more than is desirable. This causes, very long reverberation times affect the acoustic comfort of interior spaces. This effect can be corrected by carrying out acoustic conditioning actions. The Spigogroup catalogue offers different products that provide the necessary acoustic absorption to achieve this goal.

  • Acoustic panels for common areas with possible reverberation issues: halls, corridors and waiting rooms are large, busy spaces that often have reverberation problems and require some acoustic conditioning They can be used as wall covering or as acoustic ceilings. For this type of actions, you can choose any of the acoustic solutions for hospitals, educational centres and other community service buildings offered by Spigotec and Spigoacustic.
  • Acoustic panels for offices and practices: they are smaller rooms and do not usually have reverberation issues. However, excellent acoustics in these rooms is essential. If you wish to improve acoustics and correct small imbalances, you can opt for placing Spigoart acoustic pictures that work like acoustic panels and do not require installation work.
  • Acoustic doors: when the reverberation times are very long or you do not have enough free surface to locate sound-absorbent acoustic pictures, you can reinforce performance by using Spigodoor acoustic doors covered with sound-absorbent panels.


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