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What range of wood do we have when choosing the inner linings of our acoustic wood ceilings?

When you take on wood projects including acoustic conditioning in a given location, there are technical factors and the acoustic material that could affect the aesthetics of your work. However, this is not the case. There is an extensive range of natural finishes in wood acoustic panels used for inner linings inwood walls and wood ceilings.

When you talk about natural wood, acoustic wood ceilings can be:


- MAPLE acoustic wood ceilings: maple wood is white with yellowish hues. It is used for inner linings and in the furniture manufacturing.

- BEECH acoustic wood ceilings: beech wood is the most widespread in the Western decoration. It is yellowish brown, with a uniform texture. It is highly appreciated in carpentry and used to manufacture inner liningsand wood ceilings.

- OAK acoustic wood ceilings: oak wood is magnificent, with brown hues and a marked grain. It is hard, heavy, and resistant to moisture —reason why it was the basic material of choice for shipbuilding. Its qualities have given it a place of honour in the world of construction, cabinetmaking and woodworking.

- CHERRY acoustic wood ceilings: cherry wood is a red hardwood that is widely used for laminated wood panels and to manufacture furniture.

- WENGE acoustic wood ceilings: Wenge is an African tropical wood, heavy, with a marked grain and very hard. It is highly appreciated in the world of furniture and for inner linings because of its typical dark hues that range from chocolate brown to ash grey.


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