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Puertas para guarderías con sistema antipinzamiento 2 (Medium) - Anti-finger trapping doors for kindergartens

When you become a parent you enter a new world of until then non-existent or, at least, forgotten fears. Being responsible for the care of such an innocent, naive and untrained creature as a toddler lights up alarms where peace used to reign. As adults, we do not live in fear of getting our fingers caught in a door, but when you see your child play with a door, you unconsciously jump at the imminent danger that they may get their small fingers caught.

To avoid these accidents there are anti-finger trapping doors for kindergartens. They can be often seen in nurseries, kindergartens, toy libraries, schools and early childhood education centres intended for the little ones. But how do anti-finger trapping doors for kindergartens work?

Very simply: anti-finger trapping doors for kindergartens are completely normal doors but with one small difference: from the ground up to an approximate height of 110 cm, they have anti-finger trapping rubber strips on each side; the latch side and the hinge side. The anti-trapping system replaces the part of the doors where fingers get caught with rubber profiles which become deformed when a hand is trapped, thereby avoiding the pressure from the world.

At Spigodoor, the Spigogroup division which manufactures technical doors, we make doors with anti-finger trapping systems, finished in natural wood, MD, Formica, or lacquer, suitable for kindergartens and all other kinds of children's schools.



How Spigodoor Anti-finger trapping doors for kindergartens work


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