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Today we bring you the five most advanced AI tools for architects: five examples of how artificial intelligence and architecture have joined paths for good.

And please remember that, when you use these tools and you need the technical data of the acoustic panels, interior cladding or any of the Spigogroup wood solutions, all you need to do is visit or ask us at



ARCHITEChTURES is a powerful building design platform based on Generative AI. It quickly designs buildings according to geographical conditions and climate, adapting to the budget and previous needs of each client and allowing the download of an initial standardised BIM model from which to continue with your traditional work.

ARCHITEChTURES AI-Powered Building Design 2023 from Architechtures on Vimeo.



Sidewalk Labs

Sidewalk Labs is one of the best artificial intelligence tools for urban planning. It is the brainchild of Google. It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor technologies to optimise the performance of a building and its environment: energy efficiency, comfort and safety, traffic patterns, air quality, noise levels...

This AI allows you to optimise a building's design leveraging architectural design metadata, taking into account density and searching for the most cost-effective configurations among infinite variations.




This is an assisted BIM tool that improves the design process, promotes collaboration between architects and ensures the delivery of high quality buildings.



Autodesk Forma

Autodesk Forma harnesses the power of AI to simulate the implications of various design decisions on critical factors such as energy consumption, traffic flow and air quality, helping to create more sustainable and liveable projects.



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