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Using ayous wood in decorative interior cladding offers a number of advantages. At Spigogroup we manufacture our Spigoline brand wood cladding for walls and ceilings, with samba or ayous wood slats and strips . We can produce them with any other wood (pine, chestnut, oak, etc.) upon request, but we prefer obeche wood. These are the main reasons why we chose this wood:


1.- Ayous wood is very lightweight

With a density of 390 kg/m³, it is much lighter than other woods. It can be easily handled by one person, making it easier to produce, place and transport. In false ceilings, it requires fewer supports, so it is also quicker and cheaper to install. Being lightweight, is also offers a clear advantage in countries where anti-seismic regulations limit the surface density of a false ceiling assembly.

For example: our Spigoline 4-30-70-55 wood plank cladding, made of ayous wood, has a surface density of less than 10 kg/m². If we chose pine, the density would be 12.5 kg/m² (+25%), and with oak, 18.46 kg/m² (+84%), i.e. heavier structures with more supports, which increase costs without adding any functionality.


2.- Ayous wood has excellent dimensional stability

Dimensional stability is the degree to which wood can shrink or warp due to temperature or humidity. Ayous wood has excellent dimensional stability, much better, for example, than oak wood, the noble wood par excellence, which is nonetheless more prone to warping.

      • Ayous wood contracts and expands less than other woods, so it therefore uses smaller expansion joints, for improved surface visual continuity whilst making it easier to do calculations before installing.
      • Ayous wood deforms less than other woods, which is why Spigoline can assure perfect alignment between planks, stable throughout the life of the installation.



3.- Ayous is a soft, easy-to-treat wood

Ayous is a soft wood, but this is not a problem because it is installed in false ceilings or places out of reach, so it does not detract from the functionality of the final product. In return, it is easier to handle, drill and shape, thus speeding up the production process, reducing errors, reducing material waste and offering better value for money.


4.- Light colour that can be tinted and finished in many ways

Ayous wood is very light in colour, so it can be stained to achieve darker wood finishes or other solid colours. It also has few knots and straight fibres, providing greater smoothness to the final appearance. In addition, it absorbs treatments like autoclaving quite well, enabling improved fire and weather resistance.


5.- Ayous wood can achieve B-s1,d0 fire performance

Low density and good absorption capacity in autoclave immersion processes allows it to obtain a B-s1,d0 fire performance. This classification is more difficult to achieve with other denser woods with absorption problems, which end up with lower levels of effectiveness (B-s2,d0, B-s3,d0 or C or D classifications).



6.- The ayous wood used in Spigogroup comes from sustainable sources

Spigogroup is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PEFC and FSC certified. These certifications ensure our respect for environmental protection standards, the quality of our products, that they have been manufactured with wood from sustainably-managed forests and that a Chain of Custody System has been maintained that reaches the final product.


7.- Shorter lead times

We manufacture ayous wood cladding every day, which means that we always have it in stock and can offer shorter lead times.





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