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From the start of the design of a building for public use, you know that you will need to offer toilets and that you need to install phenolic cabins to provide the best material.

001 comprar cabinas fenólicas buy phenolic cabins acheter des cabines phenoliquesPhenolic cabins are the best product for the toilets as they resist humidity, shocks, intensive use and dirt. For these reasons, phenolic cabins, along with phenolic lockers, phenolic worktops and phenolic benches comprise the phenolic furniture used by builders, architects and interior designers.

When buying phenolic cabins, a professional needs to know all the information about this type of product. Spigogroup has a division specialising in the manufacture and assembly of phenolic furniture called Spigocompac. There, we have served hundreds of annual orders for phenolic cabins, phenolic lockers, phenolic worktops and phenolic benches for years. Now we want to reinforce all the information we offer on phenolic sports furniture from the Spigocompac website with a new site specially dedicated to phenolic cabins. Here you can better understand the advantages of using this type of product, the colours available for finishes, the most common combinations of modules and all the solutions, fittings and complements to make up the set of phenolic cabins that best meets the needs of each project. In addition, you can also download the PDF version of the details of Spigocompac Phenolic Cabins with a graphic summary of all the information needed to buy phenolic cabins.


If you need to buy phenolic cabins,

visit the new Spigocompac phenolic cabins website



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