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You will soon be buying phenolic lockers, because you need them for a new project, or because the old ones need to be replaced. Do you know all the options you have?

If you have not tried it, you will have already been told: when choosing changing room equipment for a school, factory, gym, pool or any other building used daily by many people, your list has to include phenolic lockers. No doubt, they are the most resistant because of the type of material with which they are manufactured, phenolic panel. Phenolic boards or phenolic panels used to manufacture phenolic cabins, phenolic lockers and screens and phenolic benches have a non-porous surface which is particularly resistant to moisture, scratches and impacts and, at the same time, very easy to clean.

In Spigocompac, the division of Spigogroup specialising in the manufacture of sports furniture, we have developed a whole product line dedicated to phenolic lockers and, now, we are launching the new microsite dedicated specifically to them. In this new section you will discover all the options you have when it comes to buying phenolic lockers: The types of modules and possible compositions, the colours available for finishing, the fittings required for each type of locker and standard manufacturing times. In addition, you can also download the PDF version of the details of Spigocompac Phenolic Lockers with a graphic summary of all the information needed to buy phenolic cabins.


If you need to buy phenolic lockers,

visit the new Spigocompac phenolic lockers website




01 Comprar taquillas fenólicas acheter des casiers phénoliques buying phenolic lockers.

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