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01 acabado de techo ceiling finish finition de plafond

Choosing the right ceiling finish in a decoration project defines, not only the interior aesthetics of a space, but also the degree of acoustic comfort to be enjoyed. And the truth is that, sometimes, a lot of attention is paid to decorating walls while the appearance and composition of the ceiling above is largely neglected or not suitably considered.

Below are some issues to be taken into account when choosing the right ceiling finish for your project:


  • Material: Concrete, brick, plaster, metal, plastic, glass... you can practically choose any material for ceiling finish. Each offers certain advantages (aesthetics, acoustics, simplicity, economy...) but wood offers them all. It is a warm, elegant material, recognised for its great aesthetic value, which helps to improve the acoustics of a room and comes in a wide range of finishes, mounting systems and prices.
  • Removable ceilings or accessible ceilings: Wood removable ceilings are those that allow for quick and easy placement but that, in some cases, do not allow for sockets everywhere. Let me explain: Once the removable ceilings have been installed, they can removed but you have to start from the outer edges which are the most accessible to start removing material. On the other hand, accessible ceilings allow you to take any panel out and put it in again as many times as you want. This feature is ideal when you want to add to complements to the false ceiling, such as air vents, fire or safety detectors, downlights, speakers, or when you have to access the main ceiling.
  • Acoustics: Once you have opted for a wood ceiling finish you can choose whether or not you want that roof to have a particular sound absorption capability. If so, you can opt for the installation of wood acoustic ceilings such as those offered by Spigotec, Spigoacustic and Spigoline
  • Finishes: A wood ceiling finish can have different shades which you can choose and which, normally, refer to natural wood hues, such as beech, oak, cherry, maple, pear or wenge among others.


02 acabado de techo ceiling finish finition de plafond (Medium).

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