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The wood technical doors allow you to enjoy the aesthetics of wood while at the same time complying with technical, acoustic and safety requirements.

This tandem, in which beauty and technology go hand in hand, is the reason why wood technical doors are so often used in schools, hospitals, conference centres, culture buildings, institutional facilities, offices or public buildings for the most varied applications.

The most often required wood technical doors for this type of building are soundproof doors and FR doors or fire doors, specialises in the manufacture the technical woodworking Spigogroup.

Soundproof doors are doors used to achieve optimum soundproofing in order to prevent sound from travelling from one room to another, such as in schools, offices, residences, theatres, concert halls, hotels, auditoriums, conference centres, and boardrooms. Spigogroup and its Product Development Department have made a firm commitment to R&D. In addition to having participated in hundreds of projects with their acoustic conditioning products, they offer a wide range of isophonic doors with different ranges of insulation (32 dB, 34 dB, 38 dB and 42 dB) depending on the needs identified prior to soundproofing a room, and a range of finishes that are capable of responding to the aesthetic requirements of each project.

Furthermore, FR technical doors or fire doors are those that allow us to minimise the risks of fire and its propagation, and to reduce the impact of accidents. In these cases, Spigogroup knows the standards applicable to each case and does not only offer standardised solutions, As a manufacturer, it is capable of designing and manufacturing custom wood doors —both FR doors and soundproof doors, for unique buildings and special cases where aesthetic and technical requirements call for the participation of specialists in wood projects.

In any case, the best way to choose your wood technical doors is to choose the right supplier, relying on professionals who, like Spigogroup, guarantee technical and aesthetic quality, and certification of each door, and in addition offer the experience, advice, and customer service that your project needs.


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