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Spigogroup's construction elements catalogues and Spigogroup's wood solutions catalogues have always stood out for being a very useful tool when developing an architectural or decorative project. So, when we started the process of renewing the catalogues of the Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac and Spigodoor divisions, we knew that improving them was a major challenge.

A few weeks ago we anticipated the availability of the new Spigogroup construction elements catalogues and wood solutions catalogues with their online version. Now we have them in hard copy, available to all those who request them.

225 Catálogos de Elementos Constructivos construction elements catalogues Catalogues des éléments de constructionYes, we have tried and we believe that we have managed to improve them and produce some catalogues that, in addition to being visually very attractive, they also provide a lot of useful information. The new Spigogroup catalogues offer two very clear reading levels. To begin with we can discover a first reading level, which is very visual, employing photographs and illustrations of products and the work done on some projects. It is easy to see what each family of Spigogroup products can offer providing inspiration on all the options available to give a Special touch to our project. A second reading level offers all the technical data that engineers, architects or developers may need: dimensions, weights, materials, noise absorption coefficients, fire protection levels, finishes, etc.

Spigogroup's new catalogues of construction elements and wood solutions (Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac and Spigodoor) also come together in a convenient, elegant box so they can be easily stored and kept handy for when you need them.


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