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Corrugated wood panels are a very special aesthetic resource that is being used in more and more projects. Their wavy surface serves to give volume and a three-dimensional effect that adds character to walls, ceilings and furniture. Also, by taking into account the acoustics of a space, the volumetric shapes of the corrugated wood panels can offer a reflective and diffusing effect that complements the acoustic conditioning carried out with the usual wood acoustic panels.

Spigoplank decorative wood panels, manufactured by Spigogroup, have two models of wood panels with a corrugated surface: the convex, inward curving Spigoplank 03 model and the concave outward curving Spigoplank 04 model.

Spigoplank 03 tiles have a standard length of 1,500 or 3,000 cm, a width of 121 cm, a thickness of 20 cm and the corrugations have a diameter of 6 cm (see data sheet). Spigoplank 04 tiles have a standard length of 1,500 cm, a width of 73 cm, a thickness of 15 cm and the corrugations have a diameter of 11 cm (see data sheet).

In both cases they are offered in a very light and stable obeche wood or samba wood finish in creamy white or pale yellowish white. You can also choose obeche wood with beech, oak, cherry, maple or wenge stain, or lacquered in RAL/NCR colourse. The installation system, which is very simple, is carried out by fixing the panels on spikes that are nailed to a strip fixed to the wall.





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