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To install wood panelling, no reasons other than aesthetic ones are needed. Wood panelling has a value in itself because of the material it is made of. Wood brings warmth and elegance to walls and ceilings, and adapts to any design or style we want for a space, from the most traditional to the most modern and avant-garde.

But some wood panelling solutions, like Spigoplank wood decorative panels, stand out for a number of virtues that make them ideal for use on certain occasions. For example:

1.- Spigoplank panels are an ideal cladding for walls and ceilings. They are designed and have installation systems specifically for these purposes.

2.- They are also very useful when we need to hide insulation on walls and ceilings, radically transforming visually unacceptable areas into beautiful decorative spaces.

3.- This is also the case with "hard" concrete spaces or other cold surfaces where a wood panelling provides warmth and helps to build cosy settings.

4.- They are also a very good option when a quick installation without too much work is required. See "Installing decorative panels with Spigoplank"

5.- They can also be used out of doors as well.

If, during the course of designing your project, some of these situations turn up and you need a quick and simple solution in quality wood cladding, write to us at We will be delighted to help you.




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