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Wood is a flexible material that can be shaped into curved pieces employing the appropriate technique. Wood is normally used in flat panels, both in wood ceilings and in wood panelling for walls. However, the aesthetic requirements of some projects include design ceilings which require manufacturing and installing walls and curved wood ceilings. The visual result is certainly impressive.

When, in addition, these curved wood ceilings are made with sound-absorbent wood panels they also help the acoustic conditioning of spaces, and the value of these wood ceilings doubles.

At Spigoacustic, Spigogroup's division dedicated to the manufacture of sound-absorbent wood panelling, we can manufacture curved wood ceilings. Spigoacustic has dozens of models of acoustic panels to choose from according to the acoustic conditioning needs of the space in question.

The Spigoacustic standard sizes of acoustic panels for curving is 2400 x 300 mm, both for walls and ceilings.

Available finishes are the same as for flat wall panelling and wood ceilings: melamine, finished in varnished natural wood, MDB with different colour finishes, lacquers and high pressure laminates (HPL).

Do you require curved wood walls and wood ceilings for your project? Call us and we will tell you how you can do it.


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