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Paneles acústicos personalizados At Spigogroup we are manufacturers, which means that we can manufacture customised acoustic panels made to measure according to the requirements of each project.

This characteristic defines and distinguishes us because, in many decoration and acoustic conditioning projects, both large and small, there comes a time when there is a need for acoustic panels or special interior cladding whose shape or dimensions cannot be found in any catalogue.

We cater to these needs because we are manufacturers, and also because we know how to offer this type of bespoke solutions, as we have been doing it for more than 30 years. We know that quality is not only about the product, you must be able to offer the best service, adapted to the needs of each project. This means being able to manufacture in a flexible, personalised manner at any time:


  • Acoustic panels or interior wood cladding with special colours or shades, or with graphic prints.
  • Unique dimensions and shapes, curves, cut-outs, etc.
  • Acoustic solutions made with special woods.
  • Particularly large or small quantities.
  • Different levels of sound absorption.
  • Specific technical characteristics according to the requirements of the material or quality specifications of a project or the technical specifications of a standard.
  • Offering special delivery terms and conditions anywhere in the world.


If you have a major architectural or decoration project in hand, where acoustic comfort and aesthetics must go hand in hand down to the last detail, no matter the characteristics of the project or any incidents that may arise, Spigogroup is your key supplier.



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