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Decorating trends for 2021 are inevitably influenced by the reality we live around COVID-19 and its consequences.

2020 will be tagged by many as the worst year of their lives. It is over, and it has not even allowed us to leave the source of our ills, the pandemic, behind. But the new vaccines herald a hopeful new year. If forecasts come true, 2021 will be the year when the most extreme protection and containment measures typical of 2020 will coexist with small outbreaks of openness towards real normality, more like the one we enjoyed before March last year.

One of the clear trends for this year is a concern for acoustics. Masks and social distancing have brought to the fore the problems of acoustic conditioning in many premises. That is why one of the materials that will become most important in the coming months will be decorative acoustic panels.

Another characteristic factor will be an inner search for personal well-being in the face of the need to show ourselves to others. Cosy, harmonious interiors will be created. In terms of colours, whites and neutral or warm hues in natural materials such as wood will predominate. Thus, interior cladding in light-coloured woods will be present, to a greater or lesser extent, in any new project.

On the other hand, as we leave the problems raised by the virus behind, we will again face the great global challenge of climate change. That is why the use of ecological materials such as certified wood of sustainable origin will become important again.




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