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01 panel acústico decorativo decorative acoustic panels panneau acoustique décoratifDecorative acoustic panels are panels that help with the acoustic conditioning of a space and, in addition, provide a decorative solution that improves the look of the interior of a building.

One could say that decorative acoustic panels work on three levels:

  • First, the material they are made of is important, because materials are a key factor when constructing different environments in a project. So, Spigotec and Spigoacustic acoustic panels, which are made of wood, help to achieve warm, welcoming environments. In addition, wood is a material recognised throughout the world and by all cultures for its elegance and distinction.
  • Second, acoustic panels stand out for the surface grooves and perforations that ensure a high level of noise absorption. In the hands of a decorator or creative interior designer, this feature allows for different combinations of geometric drawings with a high aesthetic value.
  • Finally, some acoustic panels can be screen printed with the image of your choice. The possibilities for these decorative acoustic panels are endless: from acoustic pictures, like those of the Spigoart family, that you can hang on a wall, to large murals that occupy the entire side of a room. You can use landscape photos, still lifes, reproductions of posters, famous illustrations or paintings, photos of a company or institution, or portraits of presidents or relevant people. Spigoart is the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, offices and any other place where an acoustic improvement is sought without having to undertake building work and without damaging the chosen decoration.


02 panel acústico decorativo decorative acoustic panels panneau acoustique décoratif

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