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paneles acústicos decorativos de madera 01 Decorative wood acoustic panels are the technical and aesthetic solution where acoustics and luxury meet but, what is the relationship between these two concepts?

Architectural acoustics and luxury are closely related, as both aim to create a comfortable and pleasing environment for the senses. Whilst luxury focuses on design, comfort and quality of materials, architectural acoustics is oriented towards the quality of sound and how it is perceived in a space.

Indeed, one could argue that good acoustics is one of the identifiers of luxury. Luxury is a perception that affects all five senses. Thus, we recognise as luxurious the feel of the finest silk, the taste of the finest food or culinary preparations, the scent of a unique perfume or the visual pleasure of a work of art. As far as the sense of hearing is concerned, luxury is enjoying the best possible sound quality. This affects both the selection of sounds and music that reach our ears, and the sound quality with which we perceive them. This last point is where the best acoustics and luxury come together and where architectural acoustics and decorative wood acoustic panels do their job.

Spigoacustic, Spigotec and Spigoline decorative wood acoustic panels are not luxury products, but they help in the acoustic conditioning of spaces, achieving excellent acoustics, with a clear, balanced and pleasant sound to the ear, and this does actively participate in the sensation of luxury that a space can transmit.




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