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Today we will review another new example of cladding with decorative wood slats for offices, both for acoustic conditioning and aesthetic reasons.

A few years ago, Montepino, one of the largest owners, promoters and operators of logistics real estate in Spain, carried out a comprehensive renovation of the facilities at its headquarters in Zaragoza. Committed to the well-being of both clients and employees, they did not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to install solid wood lath cladding for optimal acoustic conditioning of main work areas.

The Spigoline cladding system based on decorative wood slats offered the solutions they needed:


  • 25 m² of Spigoline GRID system wood slat cladding, models 4-30-70-55 and 4-30-35-55 with white tinted finish and standard varnish. Fully assembled panel with 4 parallel solid ayous wood slats, each slat section 30x35 mm, spaced at 55 mm, joined with beech rods 12 mm diameter, panel open area 62,12 % or greater, panel mass per sqm 5,04 kg/m² or lower”


  • 30 m² of Spigoline SOLID system wood slat cladding, model R-8_20_70_55 with PSM R12349 finish. This sound-absorbent, wood slat ceiling, forms grilles of solid Ayous wood laths with a cross-section of 20x50 mm and 70 mm high, placed parallel to each other, with a 55 mm gap between laths, which are nailed to the black-painted top board.



For the entrance area, we also manufactured loose Ayous wood laths with a 30x35 m section, tinted and varnished according to the project requirements.



Revestimiento de listones de madera decorativos para oficinas de Montepino 2







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