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Wood strips, wood slats, beams, columns, rails, boards... a set of elongated wood fragments, in any format, causes a visual impact for onlookers. The decorative potential of a set of wood strips or wood slats is enormous: the play of volumes and voids, lights and shadows, along with the aesthetic value of wood, offer warmth, elegance, finesse and distinction.

We know it well, because at Spigoline we have spent years designing and manufacturing sets of solid wood strips to embellish decorative projects across the world.

That is why we are pleased to note that the appeal of wood in these formats is also recognised in the art world; in the case that we bring today, to build a sculptural group of great beauty.

A few weeks ago, the artist Katie Paterson and the architects Zeller & Moye inaugurated the sculptural installation titled Hollow at the University of Bristol. The work is carried out with blocks, slats and strips of wood from more than 10,000 samples of wood from around the world. Inside it tells the history and evolution of our planet, evoking its forms in a forest and the ecosystems of tree canopies.

It is undoubtedly an original and beautiful proposal which will be located permanently at the historic Fort Royal Gardens in Bristol.

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More information in: Experience Hollow online



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