Design ceilings with wood slats for the offices of Autodesk in Barcelona 2Interiors in offices and commercial premises always have the responsibility of conveying to users the philosophy and image of the company owning the premises.

Original distributions, design ceilings, exotic materials, special furniture… There are many resources used to draw attention and, at the same time, to offer the comfort and warmth of a good design.

At Spigogroup we have designed and manufactured hundreds of design ceilings. And we also have a Division, Spigoline, which manufactures systems of solid wood slats. When we combine the two concepts in a single project, we achieve design ceilings with solid wood slats, like the ones we manufactured in 2015 for the renovation work of the Barcelona office of the software giant, Autodesk.

For the design ceilings with ceilings made with solid wood slats at the Autodesk offices we manufactured and supplied wood slats (model 4-30-70-55 of Grid System). This model features 4 slats of wood in each module which are 30 mm wide and 70 mm high, with a separation between components of 55 mm. For this work the solid Ayous tinted finish was chosen with B-s2, d0 flame retardant varnish.

The misaligned wood slats chosen in this project for the Autodesk offices is a perfect example of how to compose design ceilings with solid wood slats, easily and with a spectacular decorative result. A very successful design and decorative solution for the offices of a company which develops software, including the renowned Autocad for 2D and 3D design.

Design ceilings with wood slats for the offices of Autodesk in Barcelona 3


Design ceilings with wood slats for the offices of Autodesk in Barcelona 4



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  • I love the photo of the fenced slates behind an office front desk. I really do think that the light pouring through the cracks is very beautiful. My parents are thinking about putting some slatted fencing in their yard. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures of slatted designs.

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