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Design ceilings can be found in many places, but design ceilings like the one we are writing about today are very rare

Only by looking at the work of the best can you learn and improve your own work. It is true that inspiration comes from work. However, one needs to stop from time to time to see what you one is doing and humbly explore what professionals around you re doing. And that is what we have done to discover a piece of work that leaves us with our mouths open, even if it is not made with the material with which we work in Spigogroup: wood. No, the spectacular design ceiling we are showing is not wood. It is formed with hundreds of aluminium beams but it is a source of inspiration and ideas nonetheless, and we wanted to share it with you.

We present the design ceilings of the new railway station in the Dutch city of Delft, the work of the famous Dutch studio Mecanoo. It is a huge wavy, vaulted ceiling with a surface area of 7,700 square meters, made of aluminium beams, with a historical city map of Delft from 1877 printed on it.

We look at this project and admire it, trying to guess what sensations addressed to travellers who arrive by train in this city and are greeted by such design ceilings. It is the same exercise in imagination that we carry out when we manufacture and install Spigoline design ceilings with wood slats in the headquarters of the OHIM European Agency in Alicante, the cafeteria of the Higher School of Bergen, Norway or the dome of Puerto Venecia shopping centre in Saragossa.

We leave you with three photographs which Mecanoo shows on their website and a video of the original founder and creative director of Mecanoo, Francie Houben, presenting the project and the state of the works in 2004.





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