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Techos de diseño con listones de madera 01

Designer ceilings with solid wood slats are not just for offices or restaurants that seek to look modern and sophisticated. Sometimes the most classic locations, even old ones, can hold surprises with totally current designs.

Today we bring a project, still underway, for the expansion of the visitor reception area of the Leyre Monastery. This historic monument from the eleventh century, then the spiritual cradle of the ancient Kingdom of Navarre and today, one of the main tourist attractions in the area, is basically built of stone. Therefore, the first idea for the project was the need to offer a warm welcome to visitors, in contrast with the cold, humid stone of the building, so it was decided to opt for wood panelling for the ceiling and walls.

Together with Javier Sancho Domingo and Aitor Martínez Rico, architects from the Architectural Heritage Section of the Government of Navarra, a spectacular custom suspended false ceiling was designed, employing the Spigoline GRID solid wood slat system. The ceiling is laid out in a large chequered pattern with two lines that alternate perpendicularly in the direction of the slats, creating an original and elegant space. The 4-15-70-75 cladding model has been chosen with a section of 15x70 mm solid wood slats and 75 mm spacing. Some of the walls are also being covered with this system to complete a total of more than 150 m².





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