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When choosing interior doors in a building or reform project, it is not the same thing to choose doors for a school, doors for a hospital or doors for hotels.

Think about it. There are few doors which get more attention than the doors of hotel rooms. Perhaps because, when the lift doors open, the first impression you get from the hotel corridor, (floor, doors, lighting, design, cleanliness, etc.) is a preview of what you'll find inside your room. Or because we all spend a few seconds before the door of our room looking for the card to open it. Or simply because your room door is what separates "your space" from the rest of the world, which ensures your security and privacy.

Spigogroup and its Spigodoor division, specialising in the manufacturing of technical doors, know that doors for hotels require a perfect combination between technique and design, and this is reflected in their catalogue.


  • Wood doors: Spigodoor offers dozens of combinations of edges, finishes and interior panels for hotel doors, with great wear resistance and a very high level of perceived quality for users. BASIC SERIE.
  • Wood acoustic doors: Some hotel spaces, like dining rooms, offices, meeting rooms and auditoriums need the best acoustics and require that doors provide the best insulation. The Spigodoor SOUND SERIE. of wood acoustic/isophonic doors provide soundproofing from 32 dB up to 42 dB with different designs and finishes.
  • Wood fire doors: Security and the Law require hotels to have fire doors or FR doors to minimise the risk of fire spreading. Spigodoor offers fire doors for hotels with EI1 30-C5 (RF-30) and EI1 60-C5 (RF-60) certification under the UNE EN 13501-2-2009+A1 standard, which are the most widely used in hotels. FIRE SERIE.

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