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If you seek fire doors or fire resistant FR doors made of wood you should bear in mind that there are different options to choose from.

The ultimate purpose of these types of technical doors is to reduce the impact of an accident in a building. This very important protective function does not prevent to the fire doors or FR doors from offering a wide range of options to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of our project.

With respect to fire resistance category... the FR-30 and FR-60 indications refer to the number of minutes the fire takes to propagate from one room to the next through the fire doors. Thus, in case of fire, the FR doors with an FR-60 rating guarantee that the fire will not penetrate through them for at least 60 minutes. If we add the fire resistance of all the fire doors or FR doors in a building, the difference in propagation time is very important and is key to successfully putting out the fire.
From the point of view of architectural needs fire doors or FR doors can be single or double doors, with or without a crossbeam, opening left or right and can even be provided with a view hole made of special FR glass. In addition, with regard to aesthetics, fire doors and FR doors come in all types of finishes, with all types of hardware (hinges, handles, pins...) and accessories (panic devices, springs, door stops, finger protectors, kick plates, etc.) that you may need.


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