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Offices and similar workplaces are places where many people carry out their workday routine, using the same equipment and resources over and over again, and which, in addition, are visited by customers and visitors who will form an opinion of the company, in part, thanks to the image transmitted by the decoration and furniture of the room.

For this reason, fitted wardrobes, shelves and made-to-measure furniture are the most commonly used elements when fitting and decorating an office. The pieces of furniture have to be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time, very resistant, functional and have a large storage capacity.

- Fitted wardrobes: they are widely used in housing, and increasingly so in offices as well. They stand out for their high storage capacity, adaptability to any available space, and for their ability to easily and quickly hide folders, papers and a multitude of elements that convey the feeling of disorder. Fitted wardrobes may have wood doors and wood interiors, as well as other finishes using melamine, lacquer, etc.

- Shelves: Shelves are without a doubt the first element used in any office or similar workplace, thanks to their versatility and also because they are an option that is usually more economical than fitted wardrobes. There are very decorative modular systems with a large storage capacity, such as the Spigolo systems by the Spigogroup technical carpentry, which are very resistant and have a spectacular design.

- Made-to-measure furniture: There is no questioning the versatility and advantages offered by made-to-measure furniture, manufactured with the specific needs of each client in mind. They often include modules with fitted wardrobes or shelves, and offer an infinite range of finishes. The only downside ofmade-to-measure furniture is that, depending on the materials chosen and the complexity of the work, they can turn out to be more expensive. However, they take better advantage of spaces that would otherwise be impossible to use, and that is also a financial advantage.


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