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Wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and shelves are great storage solutions to apply in your home. However, when the need arises you should make sure to consult your technical carpentry. Thanks to made-to-measure furniture, they can offer you some other options adapted to your case, that perhaps also deserve your consideration.

Where can you save all your belongings and those of your family, while at the same time preserving the order and aesthetics that you want for your home?


- Fitted wardrobes: Fitted wardrobes and other large wall cabinets are without a doubt the best solutions, because of their adaptability to available space and the immense catalogue of modules and styles that exist in the market. In addition, fitted wardrobes are a solution that can be considered in every room in the house, including kitchens and bathrooms.

- Bookcases and shelves: they are often manufactured as made-to-measure furniture with shelves, and a massive use can become a genuine wood panelling on the walls of living rooms, dining rooms and offices. They are used to store paper materials (books, reports, folders, etc.) and place ornaments and other items, but when visible they require tidiness.

- Made-to-measure furniture for corners and dead spaces. The use of made-to-measure furniture is growing because consumers' storage needs have grown while nowadays, it is not usually feasible to move to a larger house, so we need to take the utmost advantage of the space available in our home. Thanks tomade-to-measure furniture, we can convert a wasted space in our living room into a drinks cabinet, use the space under beds as shoe racks, or even transform the hall into our own home library.


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